What Are the Twin Pillars of Marketing? The 2 Most Powerful Foundations of Business

Last updated on November 20th, 2023 at 03:13 pm

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The twin pillars of marketing will help make your business successful. Here's what they are and how to stay focused on them.

What Are the Twin Pillars of Marketing? The 2 Most Powerful Foundations of Business

The twin pillars of marketing are your product and your customers. These are the foundation of success in your business. It doesn’t matter what industry your business is in, the twin pillars of marketing are critical to driving sales & profits.

So let’s talk about the twin pillars of marketing…

Have an Incredible Product

The first main pillar of marketing is having an incredible product, one that’s so good, people will buy it without a second thought.

Your product must be more than something people just want, or need. It must solve a problem they probably don’t even realize they have. If you can make a product that will correct an annoyance that the average person has just accepted as normal then you’ll be well on your way to success.

Your product could be physical, but it could also be a service. It could even be simply powerful advice you provide to people or businesses.

A great product will get people interested in your business. There’s no marketing without a great product; the two go hand in hand.

When you create a product that solves a problem for people, they’ll want to share your product with their friends & family. They’ll talk about things that are new and exciting, like your product.

Online marketing - new product - the twin pillars of content marketing - the first pillar is having an incredible product.

Your Great Product Should be Unique

Make sure your product is different by focusing on what sets your product apart from the others. Why would someone purchase your product instead of the competition? The most successful products are ones that launch without competition and grab their share of the market before the copycats show up.

Your product should not be difficult to use. It should be easy for your customers to get what they want out of your product. If you make a product that’s complicated to use, your customers won’t like it. A simple & easy-to-use product is always the best route to go.

Do some research to understand your target customers’ needs. You need to gain an intimate knowledge on what they want.

Your Great Product Should be Affordable

An expensive product pushes a large chunk of the population out of your potential customer base. Unless you’re specifically looking to target the top 1% of earners, your product should be affordable by the largest group of the population as possible. The more affordable it is, the greater number of people that will be able to buy it.

A great product will never be sold to someone who doesn’t have the money to pay for it. Sure, you want to get top dollar for your work, but there’s a fine line between selling at a profit and not selling enough to be profitable.

marketing distribution channels plan on office desk - customers are the 2nd pillar of the twin pillars of marketing.
marketing distribution channels take many forms

Get in Front of the Right Customers

The second main pillar of marketing is to get your product in front of the right customers. Normally, this pillar of marketing is accomplished with some form of advertising and content marketing. In addition, branding and your company reputation are also important.


Advertising is a cornerstone when it comes to marketing your business. Focus on who you’re trying to reach so your advertising is targeted to the proper audience. If you target the wrong audience, even the best product in the world won’t sell.

Accept the fact that very few products in the world are needed by everyone. Identify who needs what you’re selling and spend your energy and money advertising to them. You simply can’t succeed if you’re trying to sell to someone who doesn’t need your product.

I feel like I say this in every marketing article I write, but you should have a website for your business. Website traffic data can provide a goldmine of information about who is visiting your site to lean about your product. With this information, you can tweak and adjust your marketing campaigns to further isolate the folks most likely to buy your product.


There are very few aspects of marketing that are less important than branding. It’s huge. Your business branding should tailored to the audience you’re targetting for your products. As much work might go into your branding as it did for that great product you’re trying to sell.

For example, if your product or service is designed for a specific age group, for example let’s say you’re marketing to Gen Z, then you’d want to make sure your branding speaks to that age group – this could mean things like using pop culture references from things that were popular when they were growing up. This gives the impression that as a business, you understand the people you made this great product for.

Conclusion: The Twin Pillars of Marketing

The twin pillars of marketing are critical in order to have a successful and profitable business in any industry. Decisions you make and actions you take in your business should always be considered with respect to how they related to them.

Create an incredible product. Reaching the right audience. Focusing on their needs. Make it high quality.

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